How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden with Ivory Soap?

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden with Ivory Soap

It is a common problem with gardeners: rabbits eating your plants, vegetables, and flowers. The solution to the problem may be as easy as Ivory soap! You can keep rabbits away from your garden or any other plantings by sprinkling some Ivory soap on the ground near them.

Benefits of Ivory soap bars:

  • Ivory soap bars are inexpensive. A typical bar of ivory sells for under $0.50 at most stores; you can also purchase it in bulk online, which brings the price down even more;
  • The very simple ingredients mean that there is not much risk to your health when using this product around food crops or garden plants;
  • The soap is made from natural ingredients, which means that it will not poison plants or soil. It will also not kill any beneficial insects in your garden;
  • This soap is excellent for getting rid of dirt and grime, which means that the plants you care for with this product are going to be cleaner than before you used it on them;

The best way to keep rabbits away from your garden is by using this old-fashioned trick. Ivory soap has a scent that rabbits don’t like, so all you have to do is place some in the areas of your garden where they are most likely to come into contact with it. You can also spread it over the ground or hang small pieces on plants near the edge of the property line.

How Does Ivory Soap Keep Rabbits Away?

Ivory soap is a popular brand of body wash and hand soap. William Procter created it in 1879 after he combined whale oil with olive oil to create a cleansing agent that could be used on both hair and skin.

Rabbits can’t stand the smell or taste of Ivory soap because it contains tallowate salts which are very similar to those found in animal fat, such as beef tallow. This makes rabbits think they will become sick if they eat any part of your garden plants covered in this pure white bar soap – perfect for keeping them away!

How Does Ivory Soap Keep Rabbits Away

The fatty acid found in many soaps including Ivory might be too much for some people to handle if they are sensitive or allergic to it because these types of oils do not readily mix with water. Despite this drawback, there has been no scientific evidence showing its effectiveness in keeping wildlife out of your garden.

The active ingredients in ivory soap can also cause skin irritation for animals when ingested or met their eyes which is another deterrent for them staying away from your garden.

How to Use Ivory Soap to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden?

  1. Dig a deep trench around your garden. Place about one inch of the Ivory Soap at the bottom of this trench. Cover it with dirt or soil, so that no animals can reach for it by accident. Repeat every few weeks to keep new soap from being exposed and encouraging more rabbits to try digging in your flowerbeds;
  2. Use a spray bottle to apply Ivory soap mixture on plants that have already been damaged by rabbits. The soap will keep them away from the rest of your garden. If you don’t mind killing some bees, this is also an effective way to get rid of aphids and other bugs;
  3. Consider using an automatic sprinkler system for gardens with heavy infestations of rabbits. A motion sensor will be able to trigger a powerful blast of water whenever it detects motion near your plants. This is only effective if you live in areas where there is enough rainfall or irrigation available throughout most months of the year – but it’s completely worth it when you see how well this works;


How do you keep rabbits from eating your plants?

The most effective way to keep rabbits out of your garden is by using Ivory soap. When using Ivory soap against rabbits, its effectiveness is actually directly related to the amount of lye content in the bar since chemical compounds in lye (such as carbon dioxide) are believed to repel rabbits. First, place the bars on top of some sticks that are more than six feet away from each other and then put them in a tic-tac-toe pattern. The smell will repel the animals effectively because they do not like it at all!

While using any type of soap is not effective enough on its own, combining the use of soaps with other methods can be an effective way to deter animals from your garden or yard area. One common non-toxic combination that people often suggest includes mixing four parts water and one part liquid dishwashing soap in a spray bottle and applying it around plants (or over the whole garden).

A second option would be to scatter mothballs throughout the area where you want to protect plants from being raided. Mothballs work well for this purpose because these critters cannot stand their strong odor either!

Some people believe that soaps with ingredients such as triclosan or pepper will keep rabbits out of their garden. However, these products are only mildly effective for this purpose when compared with non-toxic options like fencing or netting. Even then, it is important to care about the specific type of soap being used because different types may repel certain animals more effectively than others do.

Other options include adding ammonia or bleach to this solution as well. However, these substances should only be added when diluting them within another fluid since they could otherwise burn plant leaves if used directly by themselves.

What is a natural rabbit repellent?

Many natural ingredients can help keep rabbits out of your garden. Some examples include peppermint oil, garlic powder, soap, and hot peppers. Farmers to protect their crops from wild animals like cottontail rabbits or jackrabbits have long used these repellents.

Does vinegar keep rabbits away?

Vinegar may keep rabbits away. However, it does not always work for everyone. One of many things you can do to stop them from eating your crops in addition to using Ivory soap.

Rabbits will stop eating your garden plants when the smell of soap becomes too strong. Adding Ivory Soap to water in a spray bottle is an easy way to apply it without having to touch, or even see the rabbits.

Does cinnamon keep rabbits away?

Yes, although not as well as Ivory soap.

Will chili powder keep rabbits away?

Chili powder is a spice that can be used as an ingredient in cooking, but it won’t keep rabbits away from your garden. In fact, chili powder will attract them because it has scents and tastes they love!

Does Epsom salt keep rabbits away?

A common question asked by many rabbit owners is whether Epsom salt keeps rabbits away. The answer to the question of “does Epsom salt keep rabbits away” is resounding “no”! In fact, Epsom salt will do nothing at all if you try to use it to repel or get rid of rabbits from your garden or flowerbeds. Using Epsom salt will only attract the bunnies to your yard because they’re actually looking for a source of magnesium and sulfur that can be found in this product.

Do coffee grounds repel rabbits?

Unfortunately, no. While coffee grounds are often used as a rabbit repellent in flowerbeds and gardens, they have not been found to be effective at all. They may work as a repellent to other animals such as cats and dogs, but they do not bother rabbits.

How do you make homemade rabbit repellent?

In a 2-quart bucket, mix 1 cup of Ivory dish soap with 5 cups of water. Put the solution in a garden sprayer and apply it to any plants you want to protect from rabbits. Be sure that all leaves are completely coated because only those will repel pests. The smell should keep them away for about three days or so before a reapplication is necessary.