Garden Art Ideas From Junk

Garden Art Ideas From Junk

Do you want to make your garden look beautiful but don’t have enough money? You can create amazing garden art from the everyday items and junk lying around your house! Garden art made from recycled materials is a great way to give new life to old things. It’s also an inexpensive way to add colour, texture and charm to your outdoor space.

In this article, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about making art from junk. We’ll also give you some useful tips and tricks to help you create impressive garden art from items you have at home. So let’s get started!

Bottle Cap Flower

Do you want to make something that looks like a real flower but costs nothing? Bottle cap flowers are easy to make and require very little supplies. You just need a handful of bottle caps, some paint or markers, glue, and a wooden stake.

To begin, you’ll want to paint the bottle caps with your chosen colors. Once dry, use the glue to attach the caps to the stake in a circle pattern. You can create a single flower or multiple blooms for an even more impressive look! [1]

Patio Chair Planter

Do you have an old patio chair that’s seen better days? Instead of throwing it out, why not turn it into a planter box! All you need to do is remove the seat cushion and cushioning underneath, then use a drill bit to create drainage holes in the bottom. Fill with soil and plant your favorite flowers or vegetables in the chair frame. Add a few decorations like paint or ribbon to give your planter an extra special touch. This is a great way to add some visual interest to your garden and make use of items that would otherwise be discarded! [1]

Patio Chair Planter

Drawer Planter

If you have some old drawers lying around, why not use them to create something unique and eye-catching in your garden? A drawer planter is an easy way to upcycle a piece of furniture, turn it into something beautiful and also give a little extra space for plants. All you need is the drawer, soil and a selection of flowers, shrubs or herbs. To make the planter even more special, you could paint it with a weather-resistant spray paint or embellish it with different textures and colors. Once your drawer is prepped and ready to go, just fill it with soil, add in some drainage holes (if needed) and plant away! You can then display your drawer planter in a shaded area of your garden or move it around throughout the summer. It’s a great way to add some extra life and character to your outdoor space. [1]

Ironing Board Lady

Who said you can’t use household items to create garden art? Ironing boards, in particular, make great ladybugs when placed amongst your flowers or shrubs. All you need is a few simple materials and tools like paint, nuts, bolts, screws and an old ironing board.

First, begin by sanding the board and cleaning it with a damp cloth. Then, paint the board red and allow it to dry completely. Once dried, you can begin adding details like black spots which will help create the signature ladybug look. To achieve this, use small nuts or bolts as your spots and screw them into place on the ironing board.

Finally, attach a set of eyes to the ladybug’s head. You can use any small item like buttons or marbles for this purpose. Place your ironing board lady in the garden and enjoy! Not only does it bring an element of fun to your outdoor space but it can also help you get creative with upcycling. [1]

Garden Tool Trellis

One of the most popular garden art ideas from junk is to create a trellis using old gardening tools. You can easily find scrap pieces of wood, metal, and even plastic that have been discarded by your local hardware store or yard waste recycling center. With just a few simple tools such as some wire cutters, pliers and a drill, you can create a unique and eye catching piece of art that will add a personal touch to your garden.

Start by gathering all the necessary materials. Old gardening tools such as shovels, rakes, hoes, trowels and even an old rake head might be enough to get you started. If not, try asking around at your local hardware store or scouring second hand stores and flea markets for pieces that may have been discarded or overlooked. [1]

Washtub Planter

A great way to spruce up your garden is by repurposing a rusty old washtub as a planter! Start by sanding off any rust, then paint it with your favorite color. Add some soil and plants, and you’ll have an eye-catching centerpiece for your outdoor space. Be sure to place the tub in a sunny spot, as this will ensure that your plants get plenty of light. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even add some decorations like rocks or stones around the tub to make it stand out even more. With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can create a beautiful garden art piece from junk! [1]

Junk Decor

If you’re looking for creative ways to spruce up your garden, junk decor is an excellent option. Not only can it turn an ordinary yard into a whimsical work of art, but you can also save money by using items found around the house or at second-hand stores.

Transform those rusty old cans and discarded furniture into colorful planters, bird houses, and other decorations. And don’t forget to involve your kids—they can help you repurpose everyday items into something special. [1]

Junk Decor

Vintage Kiddie Gym Swing Planter

Do you have an old swing set, or a playground gym in your backyard? Don’t let it go to waste! Revamp it with plants and flowers and turn it into a beautiful planter. Choose the plants carefully so that they will fill the space nicely. You can also use mosses, succulents, and brightly-colored petunias and daisies to make it even more eye-catching. Hang a few bird feeders for a bit of extra charm. Be sure to paint and seal the metal parts so that they will not rust! [1]

Shovel Head Garden Art

If you have a shovel head lying around from an old garden tool that’s been replaced, you can use it to make a unique piece of garden art. This is especially attractive if the shovel head has a vintage or antique look. You can mount the shovel head on a wall or fence and let it shine in all its glory as a beautiful decorative piece. You can also add other elements to make it even more eye-catching, such as attaching keys or colorful stones. The possibilities are endless! [1]

Cabinet Door Frame

Cabinet door frames can easily be turned into a unique garden feature with the addition of a mirror. All you have to do is attach a mirror securely to the frame, using glue or small nails. You can then hang your creation in the garden for an interesting and quirky effect! Hang several at different heights for a truly artistic look.

For those who want to upcycle their cabinet door frames, you can use them to create an interesting vertical garden wall. Simply add a few hooks and attach some planters to the frame, providing ample space for plants of all kinds. You could even hang birdhouses or windchimes off these frames! [1]

Vintage Planter

A vintage planter looks great when planted with a variety of flowers and other plants. To create your own, simply collect an old teapot or watering can from the local thrift store. Make sure it is in good condition before using it for gardening projects. Once you have found a suitable vessel, paint it with outdoor-grade paint and seal it with a clear coat. Fill the pot with soil and then plant a variety of flowers or herbs, depending on your preference. Keep in mind that the colors of each plant should complement one another for a stunning effect. Place your planter in an area where it will get plenty of sunlight so it can thrive. You can also add small vintage pieces, such as old coins or buttons, to your planter for a unique touch. [1]

Vintage Planter

Drawer Planter DIY

This fun and creative project can be done with just a few supplies! All you need is an old drawer, some paint, potting soil and plants for an instant garden upgrade. Start by giving the drawer a coat of paint – you can go with bright colors for something eye-catching or try natural shades to fit in with your existing landscape. Once dry, drill some drainage holes in the bottom of the drawer and fill it with potting soil. Plant your favorite flowers or herbs and you’re done! This simple project is a great way to add character to any outdoor space and give your garden a unique design element. Plus, you can customize the look by choosing whatever color scheme and plants you like. Get creative and have fun with this one! [1]

Milk Can House Number Displayer

Adding a fun, funky house number screen to your garden can be as easy as finding an old milk can at your flea market. Depending on the look you’re going for, you might want to consider a more rustic finish by welding two cans together. For a more modern look, spray paint both cans with the same bright color and attach the numbers with zip ties. It’s a great way to add a splash of personality without spending too much time or money! [1]

Succulent Chair

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching piece of garden art, why not try turning a chair into a succulent planter? This fun and easy project is sure to be the talk of your neighborhood. To start, pick out an old chair that is made of wood or metal; this will help ensure it can support the weight of the succulents. You’ll also need a drill and screws to attach your planter boxes to the seat; wire mesh and landscaping fabric for drainage; potting mix, succulent cuttings, a trowel, and scissors.

First, use your drill to make several holes in the bottom of the chair. This will allow for water drainage when it rains. Then, attach your planter boxes to the seat using screws and wire mesh. Finally, line the boxes with landscaping fabric and fill them up with potting mix. Once your soil is in place, you can begin planting succulent cuttings. [1]

Toolbox Planter

A great way to use old junk items is to turn them into a planter – and the toolbox makes an ideal choice. To create this look, start by cleaning and sanding your chosen toolbox, making sure that it’s free from any rust or dirt. Once clean, you can either paint it (go for a bright color and maybe even add a few decals to make it look more interesting) or leave as is.

The next step is to drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage, then fill it up with soil and your chosen plants. You can also line the inside of the box with old newspaper or material for extra protection from dampness. To finish, add a few colorful stones or shells to the top of the soil and voila – you have an upcycled planter that looks fantastic! [1]

Amazing Shutter Planter

If you have an old shutter lying around that you don’t know what to do with, then this project is for you! With paint and a few recycled items, you can turn it into a planter box. Start by painting the shutters in your favorite colors. Once dry, use wood screws to attach hooks along the bottom for attaching recycled items, such as old mason jars, to be used as planters. You can also add colorful glass marbles or beads around the shutters for a fun and whimsical look. Hang your shutter planter on a fence or wall for a unique garden art installation that will have people talking! [1]

Teapot Fountain

A teapot fountain is a great way to use up your old tea sets! To make one, start by drilling a hole in the bottom of the teapot. Make sure it’s large enough to fit the pump you plan to use. Next, attach the pump to the spout of the pot and connect it to tubing that will run up to a water reservoir. Place the reservoir, filled with water and possibly some stones or gravel, above the pot and connect it using more tubing. Once it’s all connected, plug in your pump and enjoy the sound of running water! [1]

Teapot Fountain

Silverware Wind Chime

Create a beautiful wind chime using your old silverware! Gather together some of your favorite pieces, be it spoons, forks or knives. Drill small holes into the handles then string them up on a fishing line or thread. Add a few beads in between for visual interest and tie securely at the top. Hang this eclectic piece from a tree and watch it sparkle in the sunlight. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

Once you’ve made your silverware wind chime, why not add some other old metal objects to the mix? Tie up old keys or small pieces of jewelry for added texture and sound. You can even paint them with metallic colors and use them as decorations in your garden. Whatever you choose, this is a great way to make something beautiful with items that would otherwise be thrown away. Have fun creating your own unique wind chime! [1]

Teapot Garden Feature

For a unique garden feature, why not make use of an old teapot and turn it into something special? Teapots are quick to paint over so you can give them any color you like. Then, why not fill the spout with succulents or small flowers, and place stones around the base of the pot so that it looks like a real garden feature. Alternatively, you could fill the teapot with soil and grow herbs or even a mini vegetable patch!

If you have more than one old teapot then why not create an outdoor tea party table? Place the teapots on top of a long trestle table and add chairs around it. Decorate the table with a red and white gingham table cloth and voila, you have yourself a charming outdoor tea party! [1]

Kettle Herb Garden

A kettle herb garden can be an eye-catching addition to your garden. If you have old metal kettles lying around, they make great planters. To create a herb garden in a kettle, fill the bottom with stones or pebbles and then add soil up to four inches below the top of the pot. Place herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage or chives into the planter. Plant each herb in a separate container and water thoroughly every day. You can even add some colorful flowers around the herbs to give your garden an extra pop of color![1]

Dragonfly Garden Decor

Dragonfly garden decor is a great way to transform your outdoor space into something unique and eye-catching. Not only are dragonflies a symbol of good luck, they are also an iconic symbol of summertime in many parts of the world. With a few items you can find around the house or in your shed, you can create beautiful dragonfly decorations for your garden.

Start by gathering some old CDs or DVDs and a pair of scissors. Cut the discs into wings, body, and tails to create your dragonflies. Then paint them with colorful paints or leave them as-is for a more rustic look. You can even use permanent markers to draw patterns or words on them. Once your dragonflies are ready, attach sturdy string or wire to them and hang them from trees or structures in your garden for a whimsical touch. [1]

Garden Art Mushrooms

Transform ordinary objects into whimsical mushrooms to make a statement in your garden. Choose items like old watering cans, milk cans, toy buckets and kitchenware. Place your mushrooms around the garden to create a colorful and eclectic look. Paint them in bright colors or use rustic finishes to give the items an aged appearance. With a little creativity and imagination, you can easily make garden art out of junk. [1]

Garden Art Mushrooms

Turn a Chandelier into a Bird Feeder or Planter

If you have an old chandelier lying around, you can use it as a creative and unique garden art idea. All you need to do is remove the glass ornaments and replace them with bird feeders filled with different types of food for your feathered friends. Alternatively, you can also fill each glass ornament with soil and small plants to create a unique planter. Hang the chandelier from your porch or tree, and you will have a beautiful art piece that also serves as a functional bird feeder or planter. Not only will this bring charm to your garden, but it will also provide birds with food and shelter. [1]

DIY Flower Art

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to add some special touches to your outdoor space? One great option is to make flower art from junk. It’s a great way to turn ordinary items into something unique and eye-catching! Here are some tips and ideas on how to get started.

First, think about what type of junk you want to use. This could be anything from old cans, bottles and jars, to broken teacups or forks. Anything that can be cut, painted or glued together can work!

Once you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to get creative. For example, if you have a tin can, why not make it into a flower planter? Simply clean out the can, paint it in bright colors and some fun designs, then fill it with soil and your favorite flowers. You could even add a handle to the side so you can move it around! [1]

DIY Flower Art

Tin Can Herb Planters

Creating tin can herb planters is a great way to make the most of your outdoor space and add an interesting piece of art to your garden. All you need is some old tin cans, a few supplies from the hardware store, and some paint. With just a little bit of effort, you can create beautiful planters that will look great in any outdoor space.

To create your planters, start by cleaning the tin cans and removing any labels or stickers. Next, use a drill to make some drainage holes along the bottom of the can. Then, pick out some paint that matches your garden theme and get to work! Paint each can with two coats of paint for best results. Finally, fill the cans with some soil and your favorite herbs or flowers and set them in a sunny spot in your garden. [1]


How can I make my garden fun?

Gardening can be a great way to add fun, personal touches and extra flair to your garden. One creative way to do this is by turning everyday junk into unique garden art. With just a bit of effort and creativity, you can turn ordinary objects like old tires, bottles, jars, cans and more into one-of-a-kind garden decorations.

How do I make my garden whimsical?

Incorporating whimsical elements into your garden can be a great way to make it stand out. Adding interesting objects like old tires painted in bright colors, or even small decorative pieces made from buttons and ribbon can give your garden an extra touch of personality. You can also try making larger objects like birdhouses, wind chimes and outdoor furniture out of junk.

What makes a fairy garden?

Creating a fairy garden is one of the most popular ways to make your garden fun and whimsical. A fairy garden typically includes miniature objects like tiny houses, chairs and tables, along with small plants like ferns and moss. Adding playful elements such as stepping stones, wishing wells, bridges and other decorations can help bring your fairy garden to life.

What makes a fairy garden?

How do I make my garden look like a fairy garden?

To make your garden look like a fairy garden, start by adding whimsical elements such as miniature furniture, stepping stones and bridges. You can also add small plants like ferns and moss to create an enchanted atmosphere. Finally, try incorporating colorful objects like old tires painted in bright colors or decorative pieces made from buttons and ribbon to complete the look. With a bit of creativity, you can make your garden look like something straight out of a storybook!

How do you make a cheap fairy garden?

Creating a fairy garden on a budget is easier than you think! Start by looking for objects around the house that can be repurposed into decorative pieces, such as old jars, bottles and cans. You can also look for items like buttons, ribbon and fabric scraps to use for decorations. Finally, you can find small plants at your local garden center or nursery that won’t break the bank. With a bit of creativity, you can create a beautiful fairy garden without spending too much money!

Useful Video: Junk Garden | DIY Junk Garden Using Upcycled Planters


Creating garden art with junk can be a great way to express your creativity and add some unique decor to your outdoor space. With the right materials and techniques, you can make all kinds of interesting pieces that are sure to catch the eye of visitors. Keep in mind that safety should always be a priority when working with recycled materials, and it’s important to follow any instructions for proper disposal of hazardous materials. With a bit of knowledge and imagination, you can turn ordinary junk into something extraordinary. So get out there and start upcycling today! Have fun and let your creativity run wild!