Pool Landscaping Ideas for Privacy

Let’s be honest – the pool is the star of your backyard. After all, it serves as a place to gather with friends and family and provides hours of entertainment. But if you want to maximize your enjoyment in your own private oasis, having an aesthetically pleasing and practical outdoor space should be a top priority. The good news is that you can achieve privacy without sacrificing style; landscaping around your pool is the perfect way to make this dream a reality! In this guide, we’ll discuss the various pool landscaping ideas that can help create a safe and secure outdoor environment while still making it look beautiful.

Using Landscaping to Make Your Pool Area Private

When it comes to creating your own private pool area, landscaping plays an important role. Whether you want to block out nosy neighbors or just give yourself a little extra privacy, there are plenty of creative ways to do so without sacrificing your backyard’s beauty.

Using Landscaping to Make Your Pool Area Private

Here are some great ideas for adding privacy to your pool area with landscaping:

  • Create a Fence: One of the most straightforward and effective ways to screen off a pool area is with fencing. You can opt for traditional wooden or metal fences, but if you’re looking for something that has a bit more personality and curb appeal, consider using lattice screens or even trellises adorned with flowering vines.
  • Add Some Trees and Shrubs: Planting trees, shrubs, and hedges around your pool will make it feel more private and cozy. Tall evergreens like fir and spruce are great for blocking prying eyes, while flowering shrubs can add a pretty pop of color.
  • Build an Arbor or Pergola: If you really want to add some style to your landscape design, consider building an arbor or pergola with climbing vines. These structures create a rustic or romantic look while also providing added privacy by blocking out the sun.
  • Install Patio Screens: If you have a patio area next to your pool, installing outdoor screens is another great way to block out unwanted views. Choose screens with a decorative pattern to add an extra layer of privacy, or opt for an adjustable model that lets you adjust the amount of coverage.

Adding landscaping to your pool area is a great way to enhance its privacy without sacrificing style. With these ideas, you can create a tranquil and inviting oasis where you can spend time with family and friends away from prying eyes.

Fence It In

Fencing is one of the most popular pool landscaping ideas for privacy. Not only does fencing keep prying eyes out, but it can also add a beautiful feature to your backyard. There are several types of fences you can choose from such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum. When deciding which fence will work best for you, consider things like height, cost and maintenance requirements.

Wood is usually the most affordable option while aluminum provides more security and longevity.
Keep in mind that some local building codes have regulations regarding residential fencing so be sure to check with your city before making any decisions.

Plant Some Trees

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add some privacy to your pool area is by planting trees or bushes. Trees can provide a great windbreak, as well as offer up some shade for those hot days.

Plant Some Trees

If you’re planning on planting trees, be sure to look into how large they will grow before making any purchases – this will help ensure that your pool area has plenty of room for years to come. Bushes are also a great option, as they require little maintenance and won’t take up too much space in your backyard.

Install Privacy Screens

One of the most common and effective pool landscaping ideas for privacy is the use of a privacy screen. Privacy screens come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that best suits your needs. Not only do they provide a physical barrier between your pool area and the outside world, but they also offer an aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space. Consider installing a semi-permeable fence or wall, such as bamboo fencing or wooden slats, to give your pool area more seclusion while still allowing some visibility from outside. To add even more privacy, opt for tall screens with dense foliage. Plantings like tall grasses, shrubs or trees can be used to create lush green walls around your swimming area for extra privacy and a more natural feel.

You can also use privacy screens to create separate zones within your pool area. For example, you could place a wall around the patio or seating area, and then place plants like tall shrubs or trees around the perimeter of this zone for extra privacy. This is an ideal way to create cozy nooks in your outdoor space while still providing plenty of open space for entertaining by the pool. Whatever type of privacy screen you choose, make sure it complements the other elements of your landscaping design to ensure everything looks cohesive.

Install Hedges

Hedges are a great option for creating privacy around your pool. They’re fast-growing and can provide plenty of cover in an aesthetically pleasing way. When selecting hedges, consider the type that will work best in your climate and area as some species need more water or sun than others. Planting tall shrubs like boxwood is also a good choice, as they grow quickly and can easily fill in gaps between other plants or trees you may already have on your property. Planting shrubs in groupings of three or five can help create a natural look while still providing plenty of coverage from prying eyes. Be sure to prune them regularly so they don’t become overgrown and start blocking views you actually want to keep. Finally, adding a trellis or fence around hedges can also help add an extra layer of privacy and security.

Grow Some Vines

Vines are a great way to add greenery and privacy to your pool. They can create a lush, natural look by covering fences or walls. Plus, there are many types of vines that will thrive in the sun and provide you with plenty of options for choosing the right one for your needs. Talk to your local garden center about what type would be best suited for your area and get growing!

Grow Some Vines

Once these plants start winding their way up the lattice work or trellises you have set up around your pool area, you’ll experience a greater sense of privacy than ever before. Just make sure that whatever type of vine you choose is not poisonous so it’s safe for everyone who uses the swimming area.

Use Containers

One of the easiest pool landscaping ideas for privacy is to use containers. Planting tall trees in containers can create a sense of seclusion while not taking away from your pool area. Containers are also easy to move if you want to change up the look and feel of your backyard. You can choose flowering plants or evergreens, depending on how much year-round screening you need.

Another great benefit of using container gardening is that it’s easy to maintain. You can control the soil conditions by adding fertilizer or water as needed so that your plants stay healthy and lush all season long. Additionally, when winter comes, you can easily move the containers indoors for protection against freezing temperatures and snowfall.

Pool Side Furniture

Furniture is an essential part of any outdoor living space, and the pool area is no exception. When deciding on furniture for your pool landscape design, it’s important to choose pieces that are weather-resistant and easy to move around. Consider adding Adirondack chairs or chaise lounges to provide ample seating while enjoying the view of your pool. If you have a large enough space, you can also add a dining table and chairs for entertaining guests in style. Add splashes of color with bright pillows, throws, or rugs to complete the look. Additionally, consider investing in quality waterproof covers for your furniture so that it stays looking great even with all that water splashing around! Taking these steps will ensure your poolside furniture looks great and lasts for years to come.

Hang Some Curtains

A great way to instantly create a sense of privacy around your pool is to hang some curtains. Not only do they provide an extra layer of coverage from prying eyes, but they also add a cozy, inviting touch to the atmosphere. You can find outdoor curtains in a variety of colors and fabrics, so you can choose something that complements the overall design scheme for your backyard.

Just be sure to pick weather-resistant materials that can stand up against rain or other elements.
Additionally, make sure your curtain rod is sturdy enough for the weight of the chosen fabric and curtain rings so that it won’t rust or break easily.

Add Some Lattice

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to add privacy to your pool landscaping, the lattice is an excellent option. Whether you want to cover only one wall of the house or all four walls, the lattice creates a barrier that’s still visually appealing.

Add Some Lattice

The thin lines of the lattice mean it won’t block too much light from entering the backyard, but it will provide enough coverage to keep snooping eyes at bay. You can also install trellises around your patio furniture and outdoor kitchen area to create some extra privacy in these areas as well. For added visual interest, consider adding some climbing plants along the lattice panels or installing colored lights behind them.

Install a Pergola or Gazebo

Installing a pergola or gazebo around your pool area is a great way to add privacy, shade and style to your backyard. Pergolas come in various sizes and shapes that can be customized to suit the look of your home. Make sure you choose one with plenty of room for seating, while also providing enough coverage from the sun’s rays. If you are looking for something even more private, consider adding some curtains or blinds to the sides of the structure. By doing this, you can create a secluded oasis perfect for those summer days spent relaxing by the pool.

Not only do pergolas and gazebos provide privacy and shade but they can also serve as focal points in your landscaping design. With the right materials and accessories, you can create a beautiful space that is sure to draw attention and admiration from your guests. From adding romantic hanging lights to using bright colors for the pergola fabric, you can make this outdoor feature stand out even more!

Plant Some Plants

One of the best ways to create a private space around your pool is by planting some plants. The type of plants you choose will depend on your climate and personal taste, but for maximum privacy, consider evergreen trees and shrubs that can become tall enough to block the view from outside. If you don’t have much space, opt for climbing vines or potted plants like ferns or palms. Think about combining different types of plants in order to break up the landscape and add visual interest while still providing plenty of coverage. Planting trees and plants is not only a great way to ensure privacy around your pool, but it also adds beauty and texture to the area.

Use Rockery

Adding rockery or water features to your pool landscape is a great way to provide some privacy. Rockery can be built up around the sides of the pool, providing a natural barrier that can block line of sight from nosy neighbours. Water features such as cascading waterfalls also act as an effective privacy screen when placed strategically around the pool area. [1]

Not only do these features look beautiful and add character to your outdoor space, but they also have additional benefits. The sound of running water creates a tranquil atmosphere and helps to mask noise pollution from outside sources like traffic or people talking in the next yard over. Plus, adding rockery helps to prevent soil erosion caused by water runoff after heavy rainfall.

Install a Trellis Panel/Lattice Screen

Adding a lattice panel to your pool’s surroundings is an easy way to gain much-needed privacy. This can be used as a partial screen in combination with tall shrubs or trees, or you can opt for a full wall of trellis panels around your pool area. If you want to create an airy atmosphere, choose one made from wood or bamboo and enjoy the freshness of its natural look. You can even add climbing plants like roses and ivies for added privacy effect!

Install a Trellis Panel/Lattice Screen

Trellis panels are relatively inexpensive, making them an attractive option for achieving some privacy without breaking the bank. Additionally, these panels come in both solid and patterned options — allowing you to make your outdoor space more interesting and unique. As a bonus, these panels can also act as a wind barrier — offering you protection on those breezy days.

When installing trellis panels, make sure to secure them firmly with metal posts or cement blocks so they will remain stable in strong winds. Also, ensure that your panels are tall enough to provide the necessary privacy while still allowing the sun’s rays to shine through. With a little creativity, you can transform any pool space into an oasis of relaxation and privacy!

Install a Full Enclosure

If you’re looking for maximum privacy and a touch of luxury, then installing a full enclosure could be the perfect solution. A full enclosure usually consists of four walls constructed of timber, stone or brick around your pool area. It can also include additional features such as trellises, archways and gazebos to give it an extra element of design and style.

The main advantage of having a full enclosure is that it adds an extra layer of security to ensure no uninvited guests drop in while you’re taking a dip!

Additionally, if you have children at home, the enclosed space serves as a great way to keep them safe from accidents or wandering off when they are near the pool area. [2]

Besides providing excellent privacy, a full enclosure can also create a stunning visual feature for your garden. It’s easy to customize the design and material to complement the existing landscape, making it look even more inviting.

Install a Full Enclosure

So if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that provides excellent privacy and enhances aesthetics, then a full enclosure is well worth considering!


What do you put around a pool for privacy?

There are a lot of different options for adding privacy around your pool. You can install high fencing, hedges or lattice panels to block out the view from nosy neighbors and passersby. Planting trees and shrubs can also provide some insulation from prying eyes. If you’re looking for something more decorative, sculptures, artwork and outdoor lighting can be used to create an inviting atmosphere while still maintaining your privacy. Finally, you could opt for a combination of all these techniques to achieve greater privacy around your pool area.

How should I landscape around my pool?

Landscaping around a pool should be designed with elements that create a sense of privacy and have an appealing aesthetic. Depending on your outdoor space, there are various landscaping ideas for creating privacy and adding beauty to the area. Here are some tips for landscaping around your pool:

  • Plant trees – Strategically planting trees can give you extra screening from neighbors or passersby. Hedges likewise serve as great natural walls that offer both privacy and beauty to the environment.
  • Install screens – If planting is not an option, installing wooden or metal screen fences can be done quickly and easily to provide extra privacy in the yard. They come in a variety of styles and colors so you can make sure it fits with the look of your yard.
  • Put up a trellis – For an attractive and unobtrusive option, consider installing a trellis around the pool. This will provide some additional privacy while also creating a beautiful feature in your landscaping design.
  • Utilize potted plants – Potted plants are another great way to add beauty and privacy to your pool area. Place them around the perimeter of the pool or use tall varieties for extra screening from neighbors or cars passing by.
  • Consider furniture placement – You can also create more secluded areas by strategically placing outdoor furniture such as benches and chairs near the edge of the pool area or along pathways leading up to it. This will create inviting and cozy spots for relaxation. [3]

Overall, think about how you want your yard to look and function. By implementing these ideas, you can easily give your pool area the extra privacy it needs while also creating a beautiful and attractive landscape design that will be enjoyed by all.

How do I build privacy around my above-ground pool?

One way to build privacy around an above-ground pool is by using a fence. You may opt for a traditional wooden or metal fence, or you can use more decorative fencing, such as vinyl lattice panels or bamboo fencing rolls. Fencing will help keep out unwanted intruders and maintain the private atmosphere of your backyard oasis.

Another option is to plant tall shrubs and trees around the perimeter of your above-ground pool. An evergreen hedge like boxwood, holly, yew, or juniper would be great choice as they are fast-growing plants that provide year-round privacy. If you choose this option, make sure to leave enough room between the edge of the pool and any shrubbery to ensure proper air circulation and a good view of the pool from your patio or deck.

If you have an inground pool, you can also create privacy by installing a fence or wall around it. Stone walls are becoming increasingly popular as they look elegant and provide a natural barrier between the pool area and the rest of the property. You may also want to incorporate fencing panels into your landscape design if you don’t have enough room for a full wall.

How do I beautify my pool area?

When it comes to pool landscaping ideas for privacy, the focus is on two major areas: aesthetics and functionality. Aesthetics are all about creating a pleasing look that’s inviting and pleasant to the eye.

How do I beautify my pool area?

Functionality revolves around ensuring that your pool area is a place where you can relax, while still maintaining maximum privacy. So when deciding how best to beautify your pool area, here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose plants wisely – Instead of simply planting any kind of vegetation near your pool, choose ones that bring beauty as well as provide shelter from prying eyes. Large shrubs or trees will not only add natural beauty to the setting but also offer additional coverage for more seclusion. Another great option is to create a living fence, either with bamboo or tall grasses.
  • Use outdoor furniture – Outfitting your pool area with comfortable outdoor furniture will not only make the space more inviting but also provide a place for people to lounge in and enjoy the atmosphere. Consider investing in more permanent pieces such as wicker couches, recliners, chaise lounges and other seating options that can be arranged around the pool deck or patio.
  • Add decorative accessories – Even small details like colorful pillows and cushions can help to spruce up the look of an otherwise plain pool area. You may also want to consider adding some soft lighting fixtures along pathways or near gathering spots for an extra cozy ambiance. [4]

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When it comes to pool landscaping ideas for privacy, there are lots of options available. From tall fences and hedges to creative trellises and arbors, any of these solutions can help create a private oasis around your outdoor swimming pool. Install strategic lighting fixtures, include inviting seating areas, and add some plants or trees for natural barriers — the possibilities are endless! With the right approach and planning, you can create an area that feels both secure and inviting at the same time.

Creating a space around your pool that is both beautiful and provides plenty of privacy doesn’t have to be expensive or require extensive work. The key is making sure that your plan works with the size and shape of your yard as well as your budget. Don’t forget to think outside the box and integrate some of your own personal style into the mix! With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your outdoor pool area into something that truly stands out.

We hope this guide has helped provide you with plenty of inspiration for creating an outdoor space that feels like an extension of your home. Happy landscaping!


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