Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

Gardening is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby for many people. If you have a loved one who loves to garden, why not surprise them with a gardening gift basket? A gardening gift basket is the perfect way to show your appreciation and encourage their passion for gardening.

From tool sets to plants, there are so many great ideas when it comes to creating the ultimate gardening gift basket. Whether your recipient is a novice or an experienced green thumb, they’ll be sure to appreciate this thoughtful present! Here are some of our favorite ideas for putting together the perfect gardeners’ gift basket.

How To Make A Garden Gift Basket

Creating a garden gift basket is easy and fun! Start by selecting a basket or container – you can even create your own. You might want to pick one that’s large enough to fit all the items in your gift basket, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

How To Make A Garden Gift Basket

Next, think about what type of gardening-related items you would like to include in the basket. Some popular choices are: a trowel, gardening gloves, seeds, soil samples, fertilizers, pruning shears, and pots or planters for plants. If your recipient enjoys edible gardening then you could also include herbs and vegetable seeds.

In addition to gardening supplies, consider adding some decorative touches such as ribbons or bows on the handle of the basket. You can also include a gardening-themed book, magazine, or even a plant marker if you’re feeling extra creative. Finally, don’t forget to include a handwritten note that expresses your love and gratitude!

Your recipient will be delighted to receive such an extraordinary gift basket – they’ll be sure to think of you every time they go out into their garden! With these ideas for creating the perfect gardening gift basket, you’ll have no problem finding something special for your favorite green thumb! [1]

What To Put In A Garden Gift Basket?

A garden gift basket can be a great way to show someone you care. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or just because, these thoughtful gifts will bring a smile to anyone who loves gardening.

When deciding what to put into the gift basket, consider the needs of your recipient. Are they new to gardening? Do they have a specific type of garden they’re working on? Do they already have some basic tools and supplies? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you choose items that are appropriate and useful.

Tools are always appreciated by avid gardeners. A trowel, spade, rake, or cultivator set is an excellent choice, as well as pruning shears or secateurs. Gloves and a pair of sturdy clogs are also useful items to include.

For the more experienced gardener, you opt for something special like a novelty garden tool set or an unusual planter. You could even add some seeds or bulbs to get them started on their next project

Gardening books can be fun and informative, and make additions to any basket. There are many gardening magazines available as well that focus on specific types of gardens, such as flower gardens, vegetable gardens, or container gardening.

Finally, don’t forget about a few extras to make the gift basket feel extra special! A garden-themed mug or ornament, a potted plant with instructions for care, a homemade jam or preserves, and a special plant marker are all great items to include.

What To Put In A Garden Gift Basket?

Creating a garden gift basket for someone you care about is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate their passion for gardening. With a bit of thought and planning, you can create a unique and thoughtful gift that any gardener will love! [2]

Baskets And Creative Containers

No garden-themed gift basket would be complete without a basket or creative container! Choose a natural-looking wicker basket, wooden box, or even a galvanized metal tub to hold your gardening gifts in. Get creative and use items like vintage watering cans, colorful buckets, terracotta pots, or large wooden crates as unique containers for your special packages. Fill them with some of the gardening goodies listed below and you’re sure to have a hit on your hands!

Harvesting Basket

One of the most popular gardening gift basket ideas is the harvesting basket. It includes a variety of vegetables and fruits, fresh from the garden. This could be anything from cherry tomatoes, carrots, peppers, squash, onions or potatoes. Accompanied by seed packets to plant for future harvests and other goodies like jams and jellies made from homegrown produce. A harvesting basket is sure to make any gardener smile!

Garden Tool Tote Bag

A great gift for the avid gardener, a garden tool tote bag is both practical and stylish. This bag will keep all of their gardening tools organized and easily accessible. Choose from a range of sizes and styles that are sure to suit any taste. Add extras such as gloves, shears or trowels for an extra special touch!

Alternatively, if you know someone who loves growing herbs or has a small courtyard garden, why not consider giving them an herb box kit complete with everything they need to get started.
The perfect way to encourage green-fingered creativity!

Watering Can

A water can gift basket is a thoughtful and practical present for the novice or experienced gardener. Fill it up with all kinds of gardening items like a watering can, gardening gloves, plant food, soil conditioner, and garden seeds.

Watering Can

If you want to make it extra special, add in some personalized planters or other gardening accessories that show how much thought has gone into your gift. This is sure to put a smile on any gardener’s face!

Books And Magazines

Books and magazines about gardening make excellent gifts for any gardener. They provide an endless source of inspiration, tips and tricks to help them become better gardeners. From books about growing herbs and vegetables to magazines full of beautiful flower arrangements, there is something out there that will suit every kind of green thumb. Adding a couple gardening tools or accessories to the basket makes it even more special!

Gardening Coffee Table Book

An ideal gift for any green thumb is a gardening coffee table book. Not only will it provide hours of inspiration and ideas, but it also adds a decorative touch to the home or garden space. Choose from books on landscaping, flower gardens, herb gardens, container gardening and more. The gardener in your life will appreciate having this resource at their fingertips to help inspire their next big project!

How-To Gardening Books

Gardening books make a great addition to any gardening gift basket. No matter what their level of experience, there’s always something new to learn about plants and the garden from these helpful resources. Select titles that have detailed instructions on planting, care and maintenance, or look for ones with beautiful photos and inspiring ideas so your recipient can explore different approaches. Popular how-to-garden book topics include: annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, indoor plants, container gardens and yard design. For the more adventurous gardener who loves a challenge you could even find a book on creating topiaries or an old-fashioned victory garden! Whatever type of book you select it will be sure to add knowledge to your gardening gift basket.

Floral Adult Coloring Book

Nothing beats relaxing with a good coloring book, and this floral-themed adult coloring book is the perfect addition to any gardening gift basket!

Floral Adult Coloring Book

Whether your giftee enjoys taking their time on intricate designs or prefers bolder and simpler lines, this coloring book has it all. With beautiful illustrations of flowers and plants, this adult coloring book is sure to give them hours of calm enjoyment. Plus, they can display their artwork around the house as a reminder of how special they are! [3]

Tools For A Gardener

Gardening is a hobby that requires the right tools to get the job done. A gardener’s toolbox should be filled with all of the most essential items for gardening success. Whether you are looking for something more basic or an entire set of tools, here are some of our favorite choices for every kind of gardener:

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are essential to protect your hands while working in the dirt. Look for gloves that are breathable and flexible, so you can work comfortably and avoid blisters. Investing in a good pair of gardening gloves will help ensure that your recipient is well-equipped for their outdoor activities!

Kneeler Board

For the green thumb in your life, a kneeler board garden gift basket is sure to bring a smile. This practical and thoughtful gift includes a sturdy plastic kneeling board for protection from rough terrain and digging tools for aerating soil. It also comes with gloves and knee pads for extra comfort during long gardening sessions. As an additional bonus, you can include packets of flower or vegetable seeds that your special gardener can use to get started on their next project. With this unique gift basket, you’re sure to make someone’s day!

Garden Trowel

A garden trowel is the perfect gift for any green thumb. It can be used to cultivate soil, dig small holes, and transplant seedlings. A stainless steel model with a wooden handle makes an especially thoughtful gift as it will last for years. Include this in your gardening gift basket and you’re sure to have a happy recipient!

Gardening Supplies

Gardening supplies make up the bulk of any gardening gift basket. Whether you’re filling your basket with essential tools or some fun extras, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Seed-Starting Potting Mix

Planting seeds is an essential part of gardening, and a high-quality seed-starting potting mix can make all the difference.

Seed-Starting Potting Mix

Look for a lightweight, fertile mix specifically designed for starting seeds.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is an essential component of gardening. It helps to provide extra nutrients that plants need in order to thrive. An organic fertilizer gift basket can be a great way to show your loved one how much you appreciate them, while also showing your support for sustainable gardening practices. A basket filled with organic fertilizers such as compost, manure, worm castings, and liquid seaweed extract can make a wonderful gift for any garden enthusiast.

Compost Tea Bags

Gardening gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation and love for all gardeners.

Compost Tea Bags make an excellent addition to any gardener’s gift basket.
These tea bags contain a special blend of organic materials, including manure, compost, and soil microbes that will help boost plant growth in the garden. Not only do they provide essential nutrients and enzymes to the plants, they also allow gardeners to easily spread compost throughout their gardens without needing large amounts of space or resources. Compost Tea Bags are perfect for green-thumbed gardeners who are looking for an easy way to keep their gardens healthy and happy! This thoughtful gift is sure to be appreciated. [4]

Plants And Seeds

Gardening gift baskets are a great way to inspire the green thumb in someone. Fill up the basket with plants and seeds that will give them something to nurture and watch grow. Choose from easy-to-care for houseplants, such as English ivy or fiddle leaf fig, perennials like lavender and daisies, or even vegetables like tomatoes and peppers.

Seed Packets

Seed packets make a great addition to any gardening gift basket. They are an inexpensive way to give your recipient the opportunity to try out different varieties of flowers, vegetables, and herbs for their own garden. Many seed packet companies also offer packages with multiple varieties so you can customize your gift basket accordingly. You can even include instructions on how to plant and care for the seeds, making it a thoughtful and helpful gesture. Also, if you are looking for something more eco-friendly, try opting for organic or heirloom seeds. These options are sure to please any green thumb!

Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are a great addition to any gardening gift basket! They require less water and maintenance than most other plants, making them perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time for tending to their garden. Succulents also come in many varieties, so you can easily find one that fits the recipient’s style and taste.

Succulent Plants

Consider adding some cacti or succulents with unique shapes and textures to the basket. You might even consider potting up several cuttings from your own succulent plants if you have them available! This will add a personal touch that is sure to be appreciated by the recipient of your gardening gift basket. Not only will they receive beautiful new plants, but they will also know how much you care about them.


A great gift idea for the avid gardener is a houseplant gift basket. This can be customized to include small potted plants, such as succulents or herbs, as well as accessories like soil, pots, trays and tools. You could also include some instructional materials on growing specific plants or fun plant-themed items like mugs and décor. This type of gardening gift basket will help your green-thumbed friends stay inspired while they nurture their newest additions!


Gardening is a rewarding activity, but it’s also hard work that can take a toll on one’s body. Show them you care by including treats in your gardening basket to soothe tired muscles, or simply to show appreciation for their efforts. Candies, chocolates and other sweet treats are always appreciated, as are items such as bubble baths and moisturizers. If you know of any special hobbies they have like reading or knitting, adding in some books or yarn could make excellent additions too!

Gardener’s Soap

A Gardener’s Soap Gift Basket is a great way to show your appreciation for the green-thumbed in your life. Start by selecting a beautiful basket and adding several bars of natural, herbal soap that are perfect for washing up after getting dirt under their fingernails. You can also include items such as lotions, oils, soaks, and gels designed specifically for gardeners to nourish their hands after extended time spent working outdoors. Don’t forget to include items like knitted gardening gloves, loofahs, foot scrubbers and other useful tools that will make their gardening experience easier. As an extra special touch you can include a personalized note letting them know how much you appreciate their green thumb.

Under-Your-Nail Brush

This is the perfect gift for the gardening enthusiast in your life.

This brush set includes 10 brushes of various sizes and shapes, making it easier to clean dirt out from underneath nails.
It is a great tool to have when digging around in the garden soil. The durable construction means that it will last through many uses, giving you greater value for your money. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying case so that your recipient can take their brush set anywhere they need to go!

Gardener’s And Cream

This gift basket is perfect for the green thumb in your life! Fill it with a variety of gardening tools and goodies.

Gardener’s And Cream

Start by picking out a sturdy basket or pail, then fill it with everything from gardening gloves to small flower pots. Add a few packets of seeds, some soil, and a few plant markers so they can keep track of their plants easily. To top off the basket, add in some snacks like gourmet chocolates or cookies and a bottle of champagne or wine! The gardener in your life will be sure to love this thoughtful gift! [5]


What do you give someone who loves gardening?

Gardening gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation for the green thumb in your life. A typical gardening gift basket might include gardening tools, seeds, soil, fertilizer, and other garden-related items. You can also add items such as garden gloves, trowels, watering cans, and even decorative plants or flowers to make the gift extra special. If you’re feeling creative, you could even put together a themed basket with items that match the recipient’s interests or favorite flower or vegetable. No matter what kind of gardening enthusiast they may be, there is no shortage of thoughtful gifts that will bring joy to their day!

What can I put in a gardening hamper?

A gardening hamper is a great way to give the avid gardener in your life something special. The possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas you can use to put together the perfect gardening hamper:

  • Seeds or bulbs of their favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs.
  • Gardening tools such as trowels, spades, and hand forks.
  • Watering cans and spray guns for easy watering of plants and lawns.
  • Plant food to keep the garden healthy and thriving.
  • Pots and containers for growing smaller plants indoors or on patios/balconies.
  • Gloves, knee pads, sun hats, and other protective gear for outdoor activities.
  • A selection of books, magazines, and online resources for gardening tips.

With these items in a basket or hampers, you can put together the perfect gift for any gardener! So don’t hesitate to show your green-fingered friends and family just how much you care about them with this thoughtful gift.

What’s good to put in a gift basket?

Gift baskets are a fun and creative way to show someone you care. When it comes to gardening gift baskets, there is no shortage of ideas! You can include anything from seed packets and potting soil, to garden tools and decorations. Here are some items that make great additions:

  • Seeds for flowers, vegetables, or herbs
  • Plant pots in different sizes and colors
  • Gardening gloves
  • Garden tools such as trowels, shovels, and pruners
  • Fertilizer or soil amendments
  • Watering cans or hoses
  • Decorative stakes or trellises
  • Bird feeders or birdhouses
  • Wind chimes or weathervanes
  • Potting benches
  • Garden kneelers or cushions

What's good to put in a gift basket?

With a little creativity and imagination, you can create a one-of-a-kind gift basket that’s sure to please any gardener. Whether you make it yourself or buy pre-made baskets, your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

How do you make a thoughtful gift basket?

When making a gift basket for a gardener, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Here are some tips for creating thoughtful and unique gardening gift baskets:

  • Select an appropriate theme. A great way to make a gardeners’ gift basket stand out is by selecting a specific theme that reflects the recipient’s interests or hobbies. Popular choices include native plants, succulents, herbs and vegetables, container gardens, or heirloom seeds.
  • Include useful items. To make your gift more useful and practical for the recipient, be sure to select items that can help them in their gardening endeavors such as tools like trowels, hand forks and pruners; soil amendments like compost, worm castings and fertilizer; garden trimmings such as twine and wire; or even pots and vases.
  • Personalize it. Show your thoughtfulness by including items with personal touches such as a monogrammed trowel, personalized hand tools set, customized planter box or a special message written on a potting bag.
  • Add decorative pieces for display. A great way to add visual interest to the gift basket is by adding decorative elements like ceramic figurines, such bird as compost houses and, fertilizer wind; pebbles stepping for stones the that garden can path or be flower used bed in; the watering garden cans,. h 5oses., and Top sprinklers it; off and with gloves treats for!

What is a gardening person called?

A gardening person is commonly referred to as a gardener, green thumb, horticulturist, or plant enthusiast. Gardening is an activity that offers many benefits such as providing physical exercise, mental relaxation, and the opportunity to connect with nature. A great way to show someone special in your life how much you appreciate their passion for gardening is by giving them a gift basket filled with items they can use in the garden. Also, gardening gift baskets are perfect for occasions such as birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, and anniversaries. However you choose to celebrate, a gardening gift basket is sure to bring joy to the recipient!

What is someone who cares for plants?

Someone who cares for plants is a gardener. Gardening is a hobby that requires time, care, and attention in order to maintain healthy and vibrant plants. It’s an activity enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. For the dedicated green thumb in your life, show them how much you appreciate their passion with a thoughtful gift basket. If the gardener in your life loves nothing more than spending time tending to their garden or houseplants, then a gardening-themed gift basket might be just the thing to inspire them to keep on going. Also, a gardening gift basket makes for a great housewarming or holiday present! So, whether it’s tools, fertilizer, pots and vases, personalized items or decorative elements – a thoughtful gardening gift basket is sure to please any green thumb. With the right ingredients and creative presentation, you can create an unforgettable gift that will make any gardener smile with delight.

What can I put in a hanging basket?

A hanging basket is a great way to add color and beauty to any outdoor or indoor space. Hanging baskets are perfect for brightening up patios, porches, decks, balconies, and window boxes. They also make excellent gifts! When choosing items for a hanging basket, consider the size of the basket and what kinds of plants thrive in it. Some popular additions include trailing annuals like petunias and ivy geraniums; ferns; flowering vines such as clematis; ornamental grasses like sedge grass; succulents such as hens-and-chicks; and herbs.

What can I put in a hanging basket?

To keep your basket looking its best throughout the season, choose plants that have similar water needs, soil requirements, and light exposure levels. Of course, don’t forget to pick some colorful accessories such as ribbon or bows to tie onto the basket! With a little creativity, you can create an incredible hanging basket that is sure to bring joy and delight.

What else can you put in a hanging basket?

Besides plants, there are a lot of other items that you can put in a hanging basket to make it even more special. Some ideas include small birdhouses, windchimes, ornaments, and decorations. You could also fill the hanging basket with gardening supplies like trowels, sheers, gloves, or hats for added protection from the sun and elements. If you want to give something truly unique, why not add some soilless mix or potting soil along with some fertilizer? This will ensure that your recipient’s plants thrive and get off to a great start! For an extra special touch, you could even include some garden markers so they can easily recognize which plant is which. Whatever you decide to do with your hanging basket, it is sure to surprise and delight your recipient!

What is the best basket idea?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift basket idea for a gardener, there are so many options to choose from. You could go with a classic gardening basket that’s filled with tools and supplies, or you could opt for something more creative like a decorative planter or an assortment of succulents. Whatever your budget and recipient preferences, there is sure to be something special that will make their day. For gardeners on a budget, consider creating your own DIY gardening gift basket that includes items such as seed packets, potting soil, small potted plants, fertilizer samples and even some cute garden gnomes. Not only can this type of basket save money but it also allows you to customize the contents according to the recipient’s interests and skill level. For a more luxurious gift basket, consider adding items like gardening gloves, pruning shears, hand tools and plant markers. You could also add in some gourmet snacks or treats to make their day extra special. For example, you could include homemade jams, cookies or trail mix that feature fresh herbs grown right in the garden. Finally, no gardening gift basket would be complete without a few potted plants!

Why do people give gift baskets?

Gift baskets are a great option for gift-giving because they offer the chance to combine many different elements into one thoughtful present. Gift baskets can include an array of products tailored specifically to the recipient, such as food and drink items that reflect their favorite tastes, or decorative pieces that fit their unique style. It’s also easy to make a special statement with a gift basket! Giving someone a gift basket makes them feel like you have truly taken the time to put thought and effort into selecting something just for them. When it comes to giving gardening-themed gift baskets, there is no limit to what you could include! Depending on the person’s tastes and interests, you could create a gift basket with everything from gardening tools to garden-themed décor items.

How to make an expensive-looking gift basket?

It’s possible to make a very impressive and expensive-looking gift basket without spending too much money. Here are some ideas for how to make an attractive and luxurious gardening gift basket:

  • Start with a large, decorative basket or planter. Fill it with shredded paper, grasses, Spanish moss, or other natural materials. This will provide a nice base for the items you’ll be adding later.
  • Add in some high-end garden tools like pruning shears, trowels, shovels, and rakes that are made of good quality materials and have an attractive design.
  • Include some luxury seeds such as heirloom vegetables or exotic flowers. For something extra special, you can add in some rare seeds or bulbs.
  • Include a book or two about gardening and plants, as well as an illustrated guide to flowers and herbs.
    Add in other items such as garden markers, watering cans, potting soil, organic fertilizers and pest repellents, hand-crafted seed packets, and small pots.
  • Top off the basket with a luxurious item like a fancy pair of gardening gloves or an exotic plant specimen in its own decorative container.

How do you make a relaxing gift basket?

Making a relaxing gift basket can be easy and fun! To create the perfect relaxing gift basket, start by thinking of items that promote relaxation and comfort. A few ideas include:

  • Aromatherapy candles with calming scents like lavender or chamomile
  • A cozy blanket or throw pillow
  • Bath bombs and other bath products
  • Herbal teas, hot chocolate mix, or coffee grounds
  • Essential oils for diffusing in the air
  • Relaxing music CDs or playlists on Spotify
  • Spa treatments like face masks and foot soaks
  • Gardening tools such as gloves, trowels, pruners, etc



Gardening gift baskets make great gifts for any occasion, from birthdays and holidays to thank-you gifts and housewarmings. With a little bit of creativity, you can create unique gardening gift baskets that will be sure to impress the recipient. Consider adding a few plant varieties or garden tools as well as some fun treats like snacks or chocolate. Throw in some personalized items such as notebooks, pens, flower seed packets, or even a trowel with your recipient’s name engraved on it, and you’ve got an unforgettable gift they’ll treasure all season long! So don’t wait: start gathering those supplies today and get ready to give the perfect gardening-themed present!