Hawaii Landscaping Ideas

Imagine yourself in a paradise, surrounded by lush green grass, beautiful blooming flowers, and tall palm trees. Hawaii Landscaping Ideas provide the perfect opportunity to create this ideal setting in your own backyard. With the right information and a few simple tips, you can transform your home into a tropical oasis that will transport you to another world. From knowing which plants are native to Hawaii to finding the best soil types, this guide is sure to help you navigate through the process with ease so get ready for an adventure full of color and beauty!

Beautiful Landscaping Features to Take Your Hawaii Home to the Next Level

If you’re looking to take your backyard in Hawaii to the next level, then creating a stunning landscaping design is the way to go. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start – but don’t worry! We have some great ideas that will help you get the perfect outdoor space for your home.

First, consider adding some tropical foliage. There are lots of trees and plants native to Hawaii that look perfect for any landscape design. From fragrant plumeria and hibiscus flowers, colorful bougainvillea vines and lush palm trees – there’s something sure to suit every style.

Next, think about what other features you’d like in your outdoor space. You could add a babbling water feature to create a peaceful oasis or install a stone pathway lined with tiki torches for an added tropical touch. For the ultimate in luxury, why not consider a swimming pool or hot tub surrounded by beautiful plants and trees?

Finally, once you have your landscaping complete, it’s time to look at ways to maintain it. Make sure you keep up with regular watering of all the plants and trees, as well as pruning and trimming when necessary. If you don’t feel like doing this yourself, then hiring a professional landscaper is always worth considering too!

Water Garden

Water gardens are a great addition to any landscape in Hawaii. The warm and humid climate allows for lush greenery to thrive throughout the year, making a water garden an ideal choice for bringing life and beauty to any outdoor space. Not only do they add color and vibrancy to your yard, but they also provide a habitat for birds, fish, amphibians, and other wildlife. With a variety of designs from simple koi ponds to elaborate fountains and rockeries, there is no limit on what you can create with a water garden. A little bit of research and planning will go a long way in helping you create your own unique paradise.

Water Garden

When it comes to water gardening in Hawaii, drainage is key. You want to make sure that the soil is able to absorb and filter any excess water quickly and effectively. Good drainage will also help keep mosquitoes away, which in turn will reduce the risk of diseases being spread by insects. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the type of plants and fish you want to include in your water garden. Tropical plants such as hibiscus, anthuriums, orchids, and bromeliads are all popular choices for Hawaii landscapes due to their ability to thrive in a warmer climate. Fish such as guppies, mollies, tetras, swordtails, and angelfish are all great options for adding life to your water garden.

Dense greenery

Adding a sense of lushness to your property, densely planted foliage gives any space an impressive look. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous tropical vegetation and if you’re looking to transform your outdoor area into something special then consider planting some native trees and shrubs. Planting dense greenery requires more maintenance than having a small, discrete patch of grass, but the rewards are worth it in terms of aesthetics and privacy. You can also use tall plants to create visual barriers between different parts of your property or as windbreaks. Even if you only have limited square footage available, there is still enough room to plant some stunning dense greenery that will bring life to your outdoor space.

Palm centerpiece

If you’re looking for a lush and tropical centerpiece to your Hawaii landscaping ideas, look no further than the palm tree! This classic symbol of Hawaii will instantly transform any outdoor space into a mini paradise. Palms come in many different varieties, so be sure to take your time when selecting one. Consider the size, location, and climate of your landscape before making any decisions. When you have found the perfect fit, plant it in an area that has plenty of sun exposure and supplement its growth with mulch or fertilizer. To really make it stand out, consider adding lighting fixtures around its base for a warm evening glow. With a little bit of love and care, your palm centerpiece is sure to bring life and beauty to your backyard.

Urban Hawaiian backyard nook

When it comes to Hawaii landscaping ideas, it’s hard to beat creating an urban tropical oasis in your backyard! While this may not be the most practical option for large families or those with small yards, a relaxed Hawaiian-inspired nook can provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you have the space available, consider adding a few elements that can help transport you to your own personal island paradise.

For starters, find yourself some lush vegetation and plant it throughout your space to create natural privacy walls and cozy pockets of shade. If you live in an area with humidity issues (such as Hawaii!), choose drought-tolerant plants like bougainvillea, pikake, and hibiscus create a lush look without requiring much. If you’d like add a splash of color, to tropical blooming plants that can add visual interest throughout the year.


Once your greenery is planted, try adding tiki torches and outdoor string lights to bring an inviting energy to your space. Add in some comfortable furnishings like hammocks or chaise lounges so you can enjoy the warm Hawaiian breezes with friends and family. Make sure to include plenty of pillows and blankets for extra comfort! Finally, complete the look with a few potted palms or native Hawaiian trees like ohia lehua or kukui nut for natural, elevated beauty. With these simple additions, you can easily create an outdoor paradise that will make every day feel like a vacation!

Tropical secret garden

If you’re looking for a truly unique and eye-catching landscape design, why not create a tropical secret garden? This style of landscaping creates an oasis of beauty that can be enjoyed by everyone in the area. The classic look of exotic plants combined with lush foliage gives this style a distinctly Hawaiian feel, while the addition of water features such as fountains and ponds adds to its appeal. Additionally, this type of landscaping is great for creating privacy and providing shade on hot days. Planting colorful flowers like hibiscus or plumeria will definitely make your outdoor space even more beautiful!

Tropical monochrome

If you’re looking for a neat and tidy look that requires minimal effort to maintain, then tropical monochrome could be just what you’re looking for. This style involves selecting plants with white or yellow foliage and pairing them with classic palm trees. Some examples of plants to consider are anthuriums, yuccas, bird-of-paradise, bromeliads, alpinias and heliconias. For the greenery in between your tropical plants, opt for a low maintenance groundcover like club moss or purple heart. A modern twist on this style is using black or gray decorative stones as accents to add contrast and interest to the design. With its simple yet elegant aesthetic, tropical monochrome is sure to be an eye-catcher!

Raised tropical garden bed

When it comes to Hawaii landscaping ideas, raised garden beds are a great choice if you’re looking for something that looks nice and won’t take up too much space. Not only do they add an exotic feel to any backyard or patio, but they also make it easier to access your plants without having to bend over. A raised garden bed can be made from wood, stone, or other materials and will provide the perfect environment for growing tropical plants like hibiscus and bougainvillea.

Raised tropical garden bed

Consider using colorful rocks as edging around the edges of your raised garden to give it a Hawaiian-inspired look. When planting in a raised garden bed, keep in mind that good drainage is essential for success – you don’t want your plants to be sitting in water! With a little bit of planning, your raised garden bed can become the perfect place to show off your favorite tropical plants.

Tiki torch

If you are looking for a more modern take on Hawaiian style landscaping, consider adding a tiki torch and fire pit. This will bring the warmth of Hawaii right to your backyard! You can easily find tiki torches at any home and garden store. For an even more authentic look, you can use bamboo torches. To complete the perfect Hawaiian evening, set up a fire pit or lava rock fire ring in the middle of your yard. Make sure to keep it away from dry vegetation or flammable materials. Enjoy roasting marshmallows under the stars in true island style!

Backyard hammock

Backyard hammock can be used both relaxing and entertaining. You place it between two trees or use special hammock stands to hang yours. To make your outdoor space even more inviting, you can add some lights or decorations around the hammock. This will create an oasis-like atmosphere that you can enjoy with family and friends in beautiful Hawaii! Tip: choose a durable material option like cotton or canvas so that your hammock lasts longer in Hawaii’s warm climate!

Bridges and pathways

Bridges and pathways can be a great addition to any Hawaii landscape. Whether you want your garden to look old-world romantic with rustic foot bridges or modern and sleek with stone pathways, there are plenty of options for creating stunning outdoor spaces in the Hawaiian Islands.

If you opt for a bridge design, think about the type of material that will best suit its purpose. Natural woods such as redwood or cedar are popular choices because they blend seamlessly into the natural environment. However, if you’d like something stronger, consider steel or aluminum designs which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Bridges and pathways

When choosing a pathway material, remember that Hawaii is known for its tropical beauty, so try to pick something which complements the lush surroundings. Flagstone and pavers are a classic choice, while gravel can give your pathway a more natural look. Concrete is also an option, but make sure it matches the color of your home to ensure a cohesive look. [1]

When creating pathways or bridges in your Hawaii landscape, consider incorporating elements such as stepping stones or lighting along the way to add interest and make it easier to navigate at night. This can help create a unique atmosphere in your outdoor space which will surely bring pleasure for years to come!

Outdoor shower

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and pampering to your tropical Hawaiian backyard, then look no further than an outdoor shower. Installing an outdoor shower can provide a quick way to cool off after spending a day in the warm Hawaiian sun without having to step inside the house first. Whether you opt for something more permanent or prefer to use a portable setup, these showers come in all shapes and sizes and can easily fit into any landscape design. And with dozens of creative designs available, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly matches your Hawaii home. Plus, they are easy to install and maintain, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for an affordable update to their backyard oasis.

Bamboo escape

If you’re looking for a way to add some tropical flair to your Hawaii landscaping, then bamboo is the perfect choice. Used as a natural privacy screen, or in planters and flower beds, bamboo provides an exotic greenery that looks great both day and night. Bamboo also requires very little maintenance, making it easy to keep your Hawaii landscaping looking fresh and vibrant all year round. If you have limited space but still want to add a bit of natural beauty to your outdoor area, then bamboo is definitely worth considering.

Prime Pavers

One of the most popular materials for landscaping in Hawaii is pavers and flagstones. Pavers provide a perfect finish for driveways, paths, patios, pool decks, and more. They are durable, low-maintenance, offer excellent traction when wet, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Flagstone is also an ideal outdoor material as it can be cut into different shapes to fit the size of your project.

Prime Pavers

It’s great for walkways or hardscapes that need to withstand heavy foot traffic such as around hot tubs or swimming pools. Both pavers and flagstones require minimal maintenance compared to other materials like wood or concrete blocks which require regular cleaning and sealing. With proper installation and maintenance, you can enjoy your pavers or flagstones for many years to come.

The Cozy Lanai

If you’re looking for a Hawaii landscaping idea that captures the tropical ambiance of your Hawaiian home, consider building a lanai. A lanai is an open-air living space with a roof and walls made of either wood or stone. It’s perfect for relaxing during those long Hawaiian summer evenings. Add comfortable furniture, lush vegetation and potted plants to complete the look. If you have enough space, think about including an outdoor kitchen as well!

Serene Paths

If you’re looking to bring a sense of serenity and peace to your landscaping design, look no further than adding paths. You can create winding pathways that meander through your tropical garden or, if you prefer a more structured design, add straight lines and clean edges to give your landscape an orderly appearance. Paths are ideal for the islands because they allow visitors to explore the beauty of the area without damaging any plants. For those who want a truly unique touch, consider incorporating natural elements like lava rocks or beach pebbles into the design for added texture and interest. No matter what type of path you choose, it will be sure to provide a relaxing atmosphere that everyone can appreciate.

Lush Wall Gardens

Wall gardens are perfect for those wishing to add a creative, lush touch to their landscaping design. With wall gardens, you can utilize the vertical space in your home and create a beautiful living wall with many different types of plants. This is an especially great idea if you are looking for ways to improve privacy or reduce noise levels in your home.

To get started on creating a wall garden, choose from a variety of plants that will thrive in the Hawaiian climate, such as sub-tropical succulents and flowering vines.
Once you have selected the type of plants that best match the look and feel of your outdoor space, arrange them strategically on a mesh or trellis-style backing that is secured into the wall surface. You can then add soil and water the plants to keep them hydrated and healthy. With a wall garden, you will be able to bring a touch of nature into your home in a convenient and stylish way!

Jam-Packed Small Gardens

If you have limited space but want to make the most of it, Hawaii’s small gardens are the way to go. You can cram them full of tropical shrubs and colorful flowers, creating a vibrant oasis in your backyard. To maximize your garden’s potential, try planting multiple layers of foliage – on top, mid-level and ground covers. Planting taller varieties on one side will also draw attention away from its size and add drama to the area. Keep in mind that not all plants need direct sunlight; many flourish in the shade too! A mix of both will help keep your garden lush year round.

Don’t forget about adding hardscaping elements like natural stone pathways, wooden pergolas or benches for seating areas.

Create Privacy

There is nothing like a lush tropical landscape to give you privacy and shade. When it comes to creating privacy and shade with Hawaiian plants, there are many options available. One of the most popular choices is to use tall palms or bamboo.

Create Privacy

Palms provide an attractive screen while also giving you some extra height. Bamboo also makes for a great choice as it grows quickly and can provide some much needed cover from the sun’s rays. Other tropical plants such as ferns, hibiscus, plumerias and bougainvillea can all be used to create a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking to add some greenery or simply create more privacy, the options are endless when it comes to Hawaiian landscaping ideas!

Functional and Attractive Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are a great way to improve the aesthetic and functional value of your landscape. With retaining walls, you can create more defined spaces in your garden or yard, while also adding an eye-catching structure that will make any area look more attractive.

When it comes to Hawaii landscaping ideas, a retaining wall is definitely worth considering. The unique climate and terrain of Hawaii mean that there are some special considerations when it comes to building and designing a retaining wall. Here are some useful tips on how to build an effective and attractive retaining wall in Hawaii:

  • Choose the right material – Depending on the type of soil you have in your garden, you may need to choose between concrete, brick, stone or wood for your retaining wall. Make sure to consider the climate and soil type before making any decisions.
  • Consider the design – Retaining walls should not only be functional but they should also look great. Think about incorporating curves or other interesting shapes into your design to add a touch of creativity to your landscape.
  • Get professional help – Building a retaining wall can be a tricky task, so it is always a good idea to get some professional help if needed. This will ensure that your structure lasts for many years and looks great in the process.

By following these tips you can easily create a beautiful and functional retaining wall in Hawaii that will provide structural support and improve the aesthetics of your yard. With a bit of creativity and some help from an experienced professional, you can easily create the perfect landscape design in Hawaii!

Take a Load Off

Don’t let Hawaii landscaping overwhelm you! Start with a plan and take it one step at a time. Get ideas from magazines, websites, or ask friends and family for inspiration. Consider how much effort and money you want to put into the project before jumping in headfirst.

Make sure your vision matches your lifestyle, so that it doesn’t become a burden later on.
Set realistic goals and timelines so you can enjoy the process of transforming your outdoor space into an oasis. With proper planning, some hard work and determination, you will have the perfect Hawaiian landscape in no time!

The Grand Lanai

Hawaii is known for its lush tropical climate and open-air living, making the Lanai an iconic part of Hawaiian culture. The grand Lanai can be a huge focal point in your landscaping design project – providing an outdoor paradise that you and your guests will love to spend time in. [2]

The Grand Lanai

When designing a lanai, think about how you want it to look and feel. Consider adding plenty of plants and trees to create a serene atmosphere as well as provide shade from the hot Hawaiian sun. Add furniture or decor items like tiki torches, string lights, cushions on chairs, or wind chimes to create a relaxing ambiance. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can also install features like a built-in barbecue or fire pit to create a great place to cook and entertain.


How do I make my backyard look like Hawaii?

Adding tropical plants like palms, hibiscus flowers, and orchids to your backyard is a great way to make it look like Hawaii. You can also add lava rocks or tiki statues for an extra touch of Hawaiian charm. Additionally, consider adding some water features like a fountain or pond with koi fish that will make your backyard feel more like the islands. Finally, if you’re feeling ambitious, you could even build a lanai-style gazebo complete with string lights and comfortable seating for outdoor entertaining. With just a few changes, you can transform any yard into a small slice of paradise! [3]

What are the seven 7 landscape elements?

When it comes to Hawaii landscaping ideas, there are seven key elements that you should consider for your project. These include plants, lighting, hardscaping, irrigation and drainage, water features, outdoor furniture and accessories.


The first element of any landscape is the plants. Choosing the right mix of native Hawaiian plants can bring a unique sense of beauty and style to your landscape design. You’ll want to pick plants that will thrive in your climate zone and also suit the overall design aesthetic you’re aiming for. A mix of evergreen shrubs and trees provide year-round interest while colorful flowering annuals can add vibrancy during certain seasons. Consider adding tropical fruit trees to your design for an extra pop of color and a delicious harvest.

What are the seven 7 landscape elements?


Proper lighting is essential in any landscape design, especially when it comes to Hawaii landscaping ideas. Lighting can add visual interest and create ambiance during the evening hours. The right lights will ensure visibility and safety while showcasing focal points throughout the space. Low voltage LED lights are the best for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but you’ll want to make sure that the style fits with your overall design vision as well.


Hardscaping includes all non-plant elements such as pathways, walls, patios, seating areas, fences and decks. In Hawaii, you have the option of using natural materials like lava rock and coral to give your landscape a more authentic look. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, there are plenty of hardscaping options that will fit in with any style.

Irrigation and Drainage

In order to keep your plants healthy and thriving throughout the year, proper irrigation is essential. You should also consider drainage solutions such as rain gutters or swales to prevent water from pooling near foundations or areas where it may cause damage.

Water Features

Adding a water feature can add an extra layer of beauty and tranquility to your landscape design. From small ponds and fountains to larger swimming pools, there are water features to suit any budget and design style.

Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

The right outdoor furniture and accessories can bring your Hawaii landscaping ideas to life. From comfortable seating areas to a fire pit or grill station, having the proper amenities will ensure that you get the most out of your landscape design.

Landscape Maintenance

Finally, don’t forget about regular maintenance for your landscape design. Regular pruning, fertilizing, mowing, weeding and other maintenance tasks are essential for keeping your plants healthy and ensuring that your design looks its best all year round. Having a professional come in periodically can help keep things looking their best with minimal effort on your part. [4]

By taking the time to consider each of these seven elements, you can create a beautiful and unique landscape design that will make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood. With just a little bit of planning and creativity, you’ll be able to transform your yard into an oasis!

What is the most expensive part of landscaping?

Landscaping can be expensive, and the most costly part of your project will likely be the materials you use. From soil and mulch to plants, trees, rocks and other decorative elements like fountains, ponds or walls — these all add up quickly. It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to budgeting for Hawaii landscaping projects — otherwise the costs can get out of hand in a hurry! Do some research into what types of materials are available in your area and compare prices before making any purchases. You may even find that some items are cheaper when bought online than locally.

Another way to save money on landscape supplies is by using recycled materials or buying second-hand items from flea markets or yard sales. This can be a great way to give your landscape project a unique look, while still keeping the costs down. [5]

It’s also important to note that hiring professionals for your landscaping needs can add up quickly, so it pays to shop around and get multiple quotes. They may also be able to suggest ways you could save money on supplies, as well as save time by helping with the installation process. Of course, if you are confident in your abilities, there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself — just make sure you take all necessary safety precautions!

What is the cheapest landscaping?

The most cost-effective is to use native plants and materials that can be found locally in Hawaii. Native plants tend to be hardy and require little maintenance other than regular watering.

What is the cheapest landscaping?

In addition, they provide a beautiful backdrop of greenery while also helping to conserve water as they require less irrigation than non-native species. Additionally, using local rocks and gravel can help reduce overall landscaping costs because they are usually more readily available than imported materials. Finally, hand tools such as shovels and rakes can help keep the cost of labor down when it comes to installing elements of the garden design.

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Landscaping ideas for Hawaii vary from simple to complex. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into your project. Whether you are looking to create a tropical paradise, an outdoor entertainment area, or just make your home look more attractive, there is no shortage of ideas available. Try taking inspiration from some of these examples and creating something unique and special in your own backyard! With the right planning and creativity, creating the perfect outdoor space in Hawaii can be a reality. Happy landscaping!


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